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Introducing the Prestigio Espresso coffee pod box, specially crafted for shops or restaurants seeking a convenient and high-quality coffee solution. This impressive box contains 150 meticulously roasted and finely ground coffee pods, offering an abundance of flavorful experiences.

Indulge in the smooth and exquisite taste of our 100% pure Arabica coffee, carefully selected to deliver a premium coffee experience. Each pod is thoughtfully designed to contain the perfect portion of roasted and ground coffee, guaranteeing a hassle-free brewing process and consistently delightful results.

With its generous quantity of 150 pods per box, the Prestigio Espresso coffee pod box is an ideal choice for businesses in the hospitality industry or coffee enthusiasts who desire an ample supply of exceptional coffee. Elevate your coffee service to new heights with this convenient and flavor-packed solution.

150 pods per box

The best beans

We bring you the best coffee beans. We roast them, grind them and brew the best coffee every time.

Free delivery

Order the Lebanese coffee, Prestigio Espresso, or WESTERNCUP  filter coffee and pay on delivery.

Enjoy and share

Enjoy Café Abi Nasr, Prestigio Espresso, or Westerncup anywhere in the world.

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