Lebanese Coffee maker + 1 Kg classic Lebanese coffee + 2 Abi Nasr cups with saucers



هالسنة، عيّد من كل قلبك و إهدي أحلى هديّة. مكنة القهوة المظبوطة، كيلو بن، و فنجانين ابي نصر بـ ٨٥ دولار أو لبناني حسب سعر الصرف. الفناجين متوفرين بالأحمر، الأزرق، أخضر، و أصفر. التوصيل مجاني ببيروت و جبل لبنان.

This year, celebrate with all your heart! A special offer from Abi Nasr includes the Lebanese Coffee Maker, 1Kg ground premium coffee, and 2 coffee cups with their saucers for USD 85. Free delivery across Beirut and Mount Lebanon. 

Abi Nasr cups and saucers are available in: red, blue, green, and yellow.
Payment is in cash USD or LBP following the daily market rate.

The best beans

We bring you the best coffee beans. We roast them, grind them and brew the best coffee every time.

Free delivery

Order the Lebanese coffee, Prestigio Espresso, or WESTERNCUP  filter coffee and pay on delivery.

Enjoy and share

Enjoy Café Abi Nasr, Prestigio Espresso, or Westerncup anywhere in the world.

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