4 Packs Prestigio Biodegradable capsules + 2 double-wall espresso cups + Dark chocolate and Sea Salt Cookies



Offer the coffee-lover on your Christmas list a gift free of guilt. For 30 USD, you will get 2 beautiful double-wall espresso cups to keep your coffee hot while you enjoy it + The Good Family Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt cookies from Sesobel + 4 packs of our Guilt-Free espresso capsules. Prestigio Espresso capsules are made with 0% aluminum and 100% biodegradable so that you and can have your moments of bliss without harming yourselves or the environment.

Payment is in cash USD or LBP following the daily market rate.

The best beans

We bring you the best coffee beans. We roast them, grind them and brew the best coffee every time.

Free delivery

Order the Lebanese coffee, Prestigio Espresso, or WESTERNCUP  filter coffee and pay on delivery.

Enjoy and share

Enjoy Café Abi Nasr, Prestigio Espresso, or Westerncup anywhere in the world.

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